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KPN Datalab Realtime Analytics Engine : Design and Development of a system for realtime data-science
Infoposter Digital Signage Platform : System design digital signage platform
Spilgames map-reduce framework : (re)organize use of map-reduce framework
Spilgames Cloud Configuration : System design of a resource allocation and configuration system for the whole of the Spilgames software infrastructure
Spilgames Distributed Storage Platform : Design and prototype implementation of scalable distributed fault-tolerant storage architecture for a fast-growing internet gaming company
Spil Multiplayer Server : Proof of Concept for fault-tolerant, scalable low-latency multi-user server
Infologic NL : Research new techniques and organization improvements
Declic : System design and implementation of a scientific system for use in the "International Space Station"
Sonar : Development of very accurate sonar measurements for aiming purposes
IOSolution : Macintosh interface for Elomax i/o solution and i2c solution chips
Documentation Management System : Design and implementation of a web application for the management of large amounts of documentation
E6B 'whiz wheel' simulator : Development of a simulator of an aviation instrument
FEV1 : Development of a Macintosh application for the calculation of FEV1 values in functional spirometry
Internet Cost Control : Development of "Internet Cost Control" application for KPN
Spectrostar : Macintosh conversion of Windows DLL for interfacing with a colorimeter
Airport risk analysis : Development of risk models for airports
Alice II : Software design and Quality Assurance of a scientific system for the MIR space station.
Alice : Development of thermal regulation for a research system in the MIR space station.
CPF-2 : Image analysis software for scientific work in a Spacelab mission
CPF : User interface software for ground support Spacelab mission
Foon4Mac : Development of an application to use the phonebook cd-roms of KPN on Mac computers
Where's the Waste? : Development of a Mac application that provides inside into disk use
Analog electronics : Various electronics projects

This list is slightly abbreviated. The Dutch language version of this page has a few more projects of minor importance.
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