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This page simulates the mechanical Flight Computer that is used to calculated wind correction angles and such.
Further development of this online simulator is no longer taking place.
The product is now a Mac/PC application. Unfortunately development is on hold, due to a lack of time. The finished product will feature:
  • A similar graphical simulation of the Flight computer.
  • Show me automation. The software will show how to solve common problems.
  • Full programmability via scripts.
  • and more ...
The product will be marketed to flight schools, for use in classrooms.
Description of simulation

You can drag the slider, the wheel, or the windmarker, and see exactly what the current wind-triangle is. On the right of the Flight Computer you see the current wind triangle as you would normally envisage it, North up.
The Flight Computer can be used with either the airvector or groundvector ending in the grommet. The buttons on the Flight Computer allow you to switch between these two modes, while keeping all vectors the same
The "Flip sides" button is available to switch between low and high speed range.

TT True Track, often called Course
GSGround Speed
THTrue Heading
TASTrue Air Speed
WWind direction
VWind speed
WCAWind Correction Angle (positive: correct to right)
CWCCross Wind Component: V*sin(W-TT), sign equal to WCA sign
TWCTrack Wind Component: -V*cos(TT-W), negative sign is headwind, positive is tailwind
EWCEffective Wind Component: GS - TAS

You need to have a browser that supports Java to use this simulation.

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