van Deenen Support


Custom software development for:

  • Embedded (Linux and others)
  • Linux server & web
  • Data Engineering (particularly Streaming)
  • Analog and digital electronics


  • System design
  • Creating software quality assurance plans
  • Writing test procedures and reports
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Complex data analysis

Why van Deenen Support?

My core focus is the high quality design and development of relatively small?less than 100k lines of code, less than 3 man years projects, from design to final delivery. I can also provide excellent technical documentation due to my large experience with projects for NASA, ESA and EADS.

With most of my projects the customer buys all the rights to the produced software. I'm proud of my source code, and like to work together with a client to create a high quality product.

I'm very experienced with analog electronics and embedded microprocessors. I can communicate with your electronics designers on a very detailed level, allowing the creation of a product with good match between hard- and software.

  • A list of relevant projects
  • Various skills and links to projects where they were used



van Deenen Support
Bart van Deenen:
Apdo. correos buzon 999
46870 Ontinyent
Phone: +31-6-44841161

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