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Lead engineer Strm Privacy

Lead engineer
Strm Privacy from May 2020 until 2022
Strm privacy aims to simplify GDPR compliant data processing both streaming and batch by applying fine-grained encryption on ingest and irreversibly tying the consent of the data-owner to each event being processed.

Data-Engineer Streaming at

data-engineer from September 2019 until Februari 2020
Passing up to 60000 measurements per second through Kafka and Flink into Bigquery

IPTV distributed customer behavior simulator

System design/Development
Brightblue GmbH, Hilversum from August 2019 until September 2019
Highly distributed customer behavior simulator for an IPTV platform written in Erlang

KPN Datalab Data Streaming Engine

Architect/Lead developer
KPN Technium from 2016 until 2018
Design and Development of a system for real-time high volume event stream processing

TDS Simulator

A large financial institution from April 2019 until April 2019
SQL Load generator/simulator with adjustable probability distribution for keys

Infoposter Digital Signage Platform

System Designer/Lead developer
Infologic Netherlands b.v. from May 2014 until December 2015
System design digital signage platform


System Design/Developer/Documentation writer
Ideas UvA bv, University of Amsterdam from April 2000 until April 2007
System design and implementation of a scientific system for use in the International Space Station

Infologic System Designer

System Design/Innovation tech lead
Infologic Nederland bv. from May 2008 until February 2010
Research new techniques and organization improvements

Spilgames Distributed Storage Platform

System Design/Lead developer
Spilgames from November 2011 until September 2012
Spilgames Distributed Storage Platform

Spilgames Multiplayer Game Server

System Design/Developer
Spilgames from April 2011 until April 2011
Spilgames Multiplayer Game Server proof of concept


Developer, system engineering
University of Amsterdam from 1991 until 1993
Development of thermal regulation for a research system in the MIR space station.

Critical Point Facility 2

Scientific and technical software support
University of Amsterdam from 1993 until 1994
Critical Point research facility in Spacelab

Airport Risk Analysis

NLR (Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory) from March 1998 until August 1999
Development of risk models for the area surrounding airports


Documentation, Software, QA
University of Amsterdam from August 1992 until August 1995
Alice sucessor that was flown on the Russian Mir spacestation

Critical Point Facility

University of Amsterdam from 1998 until 1992
Scientific support software for CPF instrument in Spacelab

Sonar in Air

VDS from July 2007 until March 2008
Research project sonar for camera aiming

E6B whizz-wheel simulator

VDS from June 2000 until December 2000
e6b simulator in Java

Spilgames map-reduce framework

Tech Lead
Spilgames from 2014 until 2014
(re)organize use of map-reduce framework

Documentation Management System

System Design/Development
University of Amsterdam from April 2000 until November 2001
Design and implementation of a web application for the management of large amounts of documentation

Spilgames Cloud Configuration

System Design/Developer
Spilgames from November 2012 until April 2013
System design of a resource allocation and configuration system for the whole of the Spilgames software infrastructure