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Spilgames Multiplayer Game Server

Spilgames Multiplayer Game Server proof of concept
Role: System Design/Developer
Client: Spilgames from April 2011 until April 2011
I used Erlang to write a proof of concept for a scalable and fault-tolerant multi-user server for use in an online gaming infrastructure.

The proof-of-concept used a small game-simulation where browser Javascript applications where shooting balls at each other, using two websocket channels to 2 out of 5 servers in an Erlang OTP cluster. The Proof-of-concept demo involved pulling the mains plug out of one of the two, and observing no hickup in the game, and the game providing a small debug message "switching to other game server".

This fun project led to a large influx of Erlang programmers at Spilgames for a few years.

I executed this project remotely while on sabbatical.


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