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Lead engineer Strm Privacy

Strm privacy aims to simplify GDPR compliant data processing both streaming and batch by applying fine-grained encryption on ingest and irreversibly tying the consent of the data-owner to each event being processed.
Role: Lead engineer
Client: Strm Privacy from May 2020 until January 2024
Driving privacy-safe data innovation

When we started STRM Privacy, we had been building with data and applied machine learning at scale for some time. One thing struck us with every product, project and app we were involved in: how many trips to the desks of legal and security it took to get something in motion, and how large the divide was between their questionnaires and what actually happened inside the data.

Balancing privacy and innovation is hard, and necessary beyond legislation like GPDR or Digital Services Act. But if applied properly and respectfully, society can greatly benefit from data-driven and innovation. That's why our mission is to drive privacy-safe data innovation.

See for a more thoroug description of what we're building, and the technical documentation if your want to see more about the technology.

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